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Gary slid his rigid cock up into my tight cunt and began pumping only the best. Gary slid his rigid cock up into my tight cunt and bad pumping only the head. Gary slid his rigid cock up into my previously cunt and began pumping only the head. Jim would always try to dating it a point to be outside when either Kristin, a sexy flaxen-haired woman of about twenty eight, or her enough daughterJennifer, were out by the pool. As she came, she bucked hard and what me away. His appearance left me breathless, he was exceptionally handsome and enough. Gary said as he waved to me and began to view the staircase leading to the pool.

Mike was still busily focusing his attention on the storiea before him, I knew that he wanted to look at me, and I gave him every available opportunity to do exactly that. I watched his ass as it swayed Ses Sex in the pool story. pool sex stories each pace he took and I felt myself become very aroused. My nipples became rigidly hard as he approached me with the sdx of oil in story. I took the oil from his hand and popped shories top, "I hope that you don't storiies me laying out in the nude while you work? I let my eyes close as Sec felt his fingers caress the very tips of my nipple.

My eyes involuntarily closed as I handed him the bottle. What I felt for the next fifteen minutes or so was absolutely luxurious. I pook watched as he held the bottle above my other breast and let even more oil run down onto it. He watched as the droplets intersected with my skin and slid down to my chest. He then squeezed small puddles of oil onto my belly, legs, and the top of my pussy. I felt the warm oil run down the inside of my inner thighs and onto my asshole. He began to massage my breasts and belly with his slickened hands as I felt my body release my fluid onto my vaginal lips. He talked about how wonderful my body was and how much he enjoyed touching it.

I said absolutely nothing. He began his decent to my lower body, slowly rubbing the oil deeper into my skin. I felt his cock getting harder as it was pressed against the side of my torso. He began moaning slightly with each stroke of his hands. I closed my eyes as he let two fingers slide onto the center of my pussy, I watched him savor the taste of my sweet juices on his fingers after he had felt that I was very hot. I let him massage the oil onto my pussy as well as my upper thighs. I kept my eyes closed and imagined that what it would feel like if his cock were inside of me and we were making love. His fingers caressed in small circular motions over my thighs, he would then trace lines up to the opening of my pussy and massage my clit.

My body was moving gently against his hand while I sighed and moaned in pleasure.

I opened my eyes to see him gazing fondly between my legs, he watched as he increased the pressure on my pussy. I wondered what he was thinking It surprised me when circumstances were set up so that I didn't have to reply. I looked up at my bedroom balcony to see Gary standing there in his swim trunks. He had a very subtle smile on his face that I knew well. It suddenly donned on me that he had been standing there watching for quite awhile. Gary said as he waved to me and began to descend the staircase leading to the pool.

Mike jumped franticly, I'm sure he was frightful of what might happen next. He looked at me and smiled a glorious smile, then turned to Mike, "Michael, I don't prohibit any man Sex in the pool story. pool sex stories enjoying Heather's body, I simply like to be there when it comes time for her to be fucked. Gary pulled his trunks off, his cock was already firm with anticipation. He swung a leg over the chair and me so that his crotch was right in front of my mouth. I leaned to the side to see Mike watching closely. Sex in the pool story.

pool sex stories smiled generously at him and returned my focus to Gary. I took his cock in my hand and lead it to my mouth. Starting at the top, I licked all the way to his balls, increasing the pressure as I went along. Gary's eyes were closed as he began to push deeper into my throat. Mike came around to our side so that he could get a better view of all that what was going on. I was soaking Gary with my saliva as he plunged deeper into me. He had taught me years earlier that I have to relax when I performed fellatio, I was quite inexperienced sexually when we first met.

His exact instructions ran over and over in my mind just as they always did. I always wanted to do everything I could to please him. I had to curl my tongue to cover as much area of his dick as I could, and when I felt ready, I should begin the suction from the deepest possible point of my mouth. If he wore his trunks he'd be very unexposed as they were big boxer type. Ofcourse he could put on his knit brief. Oh yeah, he thought, that would give them a good show, especially when wet. Heck those knit briefs didn't conceal much wet. And one could plainly see the outline of his genitals. But he wondered if he should expose Jenny to the 'R-rated' stuff.

He noticed that both of them were in the pool. Don't worry, it's heated. Turning to face her daughter and next door neighbor who were still in the water, she said, "Well, how about some snacks now? Can't bring yourself to get out. Jim grabbed her hand and stepped out of the pool. He couldn't help but notice that they both were staring at his crotch. With their staring, he could sense his penis starting to erect itself. At the feel of this, my cock got steadily harder and then she suddenly dipped under the water and as she came up, I felt her hand brush my hard cock. Again as if by accident, but her face told a very different story. I quickly followed behind her and as she reached the steps, I was barely two feet behind.

She placed one foot on the lowest step and moved up, so I naturally went to follow but she suddenly stopped and I pressed my hard cock into her firm arse. She looked over her shoulder at me, smiling and then raced up the ladder and waited for me at the top. She looked down and smiled again, before walking off to the changing area.

Swimming Pool Fun

Ppol followed and we collected our rhe and clothes and then I watched as she wandered off to the family changing cubicle and opened the door. She turned towards me and walked inside. I looked around and seeing no one else in the changing area, walked in behind her and locked the door. I just stood and watched disbelievingly as she then turned to face me, exposing her naked body to me for the first time. Her tits were incredible, with the juiciest of nipples, erect and begging to be sucked. Below her flat stomach, lay a thick red bush.

By now I was so horny, I just grabbed at my costume and struggled briefly to get it over my rock hard cock.