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Argentina dating culture ct dating in intimate services from other studies also suggests that women who experienced violence perpetrated by the police may be less likely to access to police or judicial support [23]. Our data among women who were arrested because of their sex work showed higher frequencies of HIV and T. Although condom use frequency was not statistically Argentina dating culture ct dating in intimate services with imprisonment after adjustment by demographic variables, lower rates of condom use, in particular with commercial partners, were detected among women who were arrested.

These results suggest that this kind of violent situation can have an impact on condom negotiation, in particular with clients. Some potential limitations should be considered in our study. Regarding external validity, as convenience sampling was used; this study may have sampling biases. Another factor to be considered is that no previous estimations of the number of FSWs in Argentina have ever been performed due to the often clandestine nature of sex-work. It is also important to consider that the recruitment period was long three years. Though no period effect that could influence variations in recruitment or characteristics of the recruited FSWs were registered, we cannot be sure that some undetectable factors could bias the sampling.

In addition internal validity of the study could be also affected. Given the use of self-reports to measure violent episodes, this study may be affected by a recall bias. In relation to condom use, the possibility of over-reporting condom use because of perceived stigmatization must be considered. Finally, even when a code that includes name and surname initials and date of birth was used, biometrics measures, such as fingerprints, should be used in order to avoid duplicating participants. Even with these limitations, this study provided very important information regarding violence among FSWs that can address future in-depth studies that the current research could not answer.

While, the cross-sectional design of this study did not allow us to establish causality, hypotheses can be suggested to account for the associations among violence, STI infection rates and STI risk behavior that have been observed here. Examples include having unprotected intercourse during sexual abuse or being unable to negotiate condom use during a violent situation, or lack of motivation to use condoms after experiencing violence. Prospective follow-up of FSWs should be considered in the future in order to study causality. The association between violence against sex workers, lower condom use and higher STI prevalence demonstrated here calls for measures to reduce violence against FSWs in Argentina.

Previous studies have shown that reducing violence against FSWs can facilitate condom use and thus possibly reduce STI transmission among sex workers [17][32]. Interventions to reduce violence against sex workers in Argentina could potentially include legal protection, removal of criminal sanctions on sex work activity, and education of the population, the police force, clients and other relevant subpopulations associated with FSWs. Further studies are essential to help implement, guide and assess the effectiveness of such interventions. In summary, results from this study demonstrated, for the first time in Argentina, an alarming prevalence of violent situations among FSWs.

Certain forms of violence were significantly associated with reduced condom use and higher HIV and T. Our findings highlight the need for future HIV prevention efforts to incorporate interventions that target violence against women involved in sex work activities. Authors also thank Mr. Sergio Mazzini for proofreading the manuscript. You book a Telo by choosing a "turn," which can either mean a hour rate although some of the lower end ones also offer them by the hour or overnight which means approximately 10 p. The actual rate depends on many of the same factors as any hotel.

Violence as a Barrier for HIV Prevention among Female Sex Workers in Argentina

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